Practical information, business tips and ideas to creating
and maintaining a profitable business

Here is some practical information on how to increase sales, profits and cash in your business.  It contains lots of information including FREE Reports, business tips and links to useful sites.


The articles have been taken (with express permission) from the Positive Business Newsletter, a subscription service I both recommend and represent. If you’d like more information on the service, please refer to my Products Page.

The Business Chuckles Library

These articles will give you a smile, a chuckle, maybe even a good old belly-laugh…and that’s not a bad thing. After all, who said business had to be staid, stuffy and boring.
Fact: People who laugh tend to be happier and live longer…so why don’t you join them now?

The Positive Business Wisdom Library

There are times when we all feel vulnerable and prey to our own fears and negativity. When this occurs, read the entire section which we've included here…it’s designed to inspire and to move your mind-space to a better, more positive place.

The Strategies To Improve Customer Service Library

Without customers, no business has a reason for existence. Customers are EVERYTHING and it is no great secret to suggest that the businesses who look after their customers extremely well have more of them and they are prepared to buy more and pay more.

The Strategies To Improve Productivity Library

In this section we give you plenty of tips, tricks and secrets on how to avoid this oft quoted statistic:

As much as 60% of the work done at the average business is spent doing
- the right thing wrong
- the wrong thing right
- correcting the wrong thing to make it right
- supervising people so that they are doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time
   and using the right quantity of resources

The Strategies To Increase Sales Library
Selling is easy once you know what the prospect wants and you use an easy, friendly and professional presentation to properly explain the benefits And why your solution represents incredibly good value. We've got plenty of practical "nuggets" to help you here.

The Strategies To Manage Better Library

No business can go beyond the limitations of its management. That said, in this section we have included a large number of practical management strategies that will assist you to be a better and more effective manager.

The Strategies To Reduce Costs - Articles
Cost reduction is just about the most effective and fastest way to ramp up profits because when you save a dollar, you have to share it with nobody (except possibly the taxman)!

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